Natalie Cohen, Instructor & Director of Retail Operations at Flywheel Sports, NYC

December 20th, 2013


Natalie Cohen


Instructor & Director of Retail Operations at Flywheel Sports


New York, NY

Fitness Personality:

frequent flyer, work hard/play hard, blushing bride

My Everyday Mantra:

Take care of your body and be kind to others.

My BurnThis Moment:

When I began looking forward to my workouts.

Best Fit Tip:

Always mix it up! A mix of cardio and strength training (Flywheel & FlyBarre are a perfect example) along with a healthy diet will keep you in great shape without getting bored.

Find Me Burning At:

Flywheel or FlyBarre

In My Gym Bag:

An extra pair of socks, a clean spare sports bra, Flywheel tank top, indoor cycling shoes, loose bills, iPhone, keys, metro card, credit card, deodorant, mascara, hair brush, vitamin water zero squeeze and Special K chips.

Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

16 Handles or Blockheads.

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