Nikki Warren, Kaia FIT Founder/CEO, Business Coach and Fitness Coach

September 28th, 2015


Nikki Warren


Kaia FIT Founder/CEO, Business Coach and Fitness Coach


South Lake Tahoe

Fitness Personality:

My best workouts are with great music (loud), high intensity, always different, group style, primarily women and one hour in duration.

My Everyday Mantra:

Strong body, powerful mind; be in love with your life, every minute of it… and thank you!!!

My BurnThis Moment:

It was 17 years ago. I was coaching snowboarding and gymnastics. I had an epiphany and suddenly realized my purpose in life was to coach and inspire others reach their full potential through sport and nutrition.

Best Fit Tip:

Create non-negotiable rituals around a healthy life style.  Create habits/rituals that you do everyday regardless of what life throws at you.  Move your body everyday, drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water, eat one big salad and drink a green smoothie.

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Find Me Burning At:

Kaia FIT

In My Gym Bag:

My tunes, sneakers, flip flops, water and Vega pre-workout, post workout plant-based smoothie, natural deodorant, towel and a journal.

Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

Macaccino with almond milk (YUM)

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