Tracy Panfil: Flywheel Sports Instructor and Personal Trainer

February 24th, 2014


Tracy Panfil


Flywheel Sports Instructor and Personal Trainer


Chicago, IL

Fitness Personality:

rough rider, work hard/play hard

My Everyday Mantra:

Never give up, never stop trying, and just keep pushing forward.


My BurnThis Moment:

The first time I took a Flywheel class in Chicago and realized just how powerful the mind body connection can truly be during an indoor cycling class. From that point on I knew that nothing could stand in my way… and I was ready to FLY!

Best Fit Tip:

Practice Cardio (interval training) three times a week along with strength training three times a week to keep your metabolism boosted and muscles strong.

Find Me Burning At:

Flywheel, Shred415, Yoga at Shri Highland Park

In My Gym Bag:

Crazy colored Flywheel Sports pants, a LuluLemon top & sports bra,  Sneakers, my ipad mini and lip gloss, lotion, mascara and at least three pairs of socks!!!

Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

A green machine juice and think thin bar.  Keeps me feeling good!

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