Eating your vegetables is so 2011. Yes, the craze of juicing has officially made eating your veggies a thing of the past. With so many juice companies popping up, finding a juice that is right for you can be challenging. Because of this reason we have decided to share some of our favorite blends with you to help ease you into the world of juicing!

BluePrint’s Green Juice is perfect for any juicing newbie. With six pounds of leafy greens in every bottle, BluePrint makes getting your daily dose easy and yummy, without being bitter.

If you are scared to dive into the green stuff then Evolution Fresh’s Raspberry Watermelon juice is your juice. Made with two watermelons, thirteen raspberries, pineapple and lime you are in for naturally sweet sipping.

Looking for a taste of decadence? SUJA’s Vanilla Cloud offers indulgent flavors with all the benefits of a health juice. Somewhere between the coconut and natural vanilla bean you forget you are drinking nutritiously!

Looking to completely refresh? Check out Liquiteria’s Royal Flush! The killer combo of pineapple, pear, ginger, liver kidney, lymph detox, and aloe vera will leave you energized, fueled and totally revamped.

Cure you fatigue with a Pressed Juicery Citrus 3. The mixture of grapefruit and mint is not only super refreshing, but helps lower cholesterol, promotes digestion and assists with liver detoxification!

5 Delicious Juices You Need To Know