There is a common misconception that healthy eating comes with a price tag. While the organic-farm-to-table lifestyle can be expensive, there are many health beneficial foods that support a balanced life that won’t put a hole in your pocket! Read further to learn about our top 5 favorite healthy food options that won’t break the bank.

Greek Yogurt

Benefits: Apart from being low in calories Greek yogurt is low in fat and high in protein. From shakes to impressive parfaits, dips, and even as a sour cream substitute, the ways to use this affordable ingredient are endless!

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Benefits: Skip out on pairing with a fattening side (like bacon) and you can keep things lean and delicious at only 75 calories an egg. Not sure how you feel about the yolk? While many of us are in the habit of taking out the higher calorie yolk, it actually supplies a great amount of vitamin A and protein.

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Benefits: At about 13 cents a serving, oats are a great way to gain all the nutrients you need in a breakfast without having to empty your pockets. A great source of complex carbohydrates, oats are scrumptious when paired with fruit or cinnamon.

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Benefits:  Tuna and salmon are both amazing sources of protein, but if you don’t feel like spending the big bucks on filets a great alternative is opting for canned tuna or salmon. Before you get turned off, realize the many ways you can dress up your fish!

Recipe Alert: A drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of half a lemon, salt and pepper paired over romaine leaves and you have an inexpensive dish that gets your one step closer to those skinny jeans.


Benefits: Kale has been trending for a while now. Chips, salad, wraps… you name it kale has made its way in, and for good reason: a single serving (1 cup cooked) has 10 times the daily value of vitamin K and three times the daily value of vitamin A. This superfood is transformable, low in calories and totally affordable.

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5 Healthy Foods That Won’t Break The Bank