90-Second Microwave Protein Mug Cake 

I’m not a big fan of spending hours in the kitchen for cooking. I love healthy food, but it has to be quick 😉 This quick microwave protein cake is perfect after a good workout and a great alternative to protein shakes. ♥ It only takes 90 sec for baking and overall 3 minutes until serving this treat!  Here’s what you need:

*1 scoop protein powder (I personally prefer Syntha-6 cookies and cream)

*One egg (or alternatively only egg white)

*1 tsp. fat free Greek yogurt

*You may add cinnamon or stevia for sweetening, it depends on your taste 🙂

*To get it more fluffy, you can add 1 tsp. coconut flour

Place the mixture in a mug and put it into the microwave for around 90 seconds. If you love the variety, you can add some apple sauce, cocoa, peanut butter or even vanilla. My favorite is the one with unsweetened coconut 😉

-Courtesy of Lara Stumpp, Pepper & Style, Fashion Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger

Healthy Snacks in Under 2 Minutes: 90-Second Microwave Protein Mug Cake

By Lara Stumpp, Pepper and Style Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger