Football and fatty foods go hand in hand. Looking to indulge without a Monday morning stomach ache? We’ll be rolling out our own football eats, but in anticipation of this weekend’s games we’ve scoured the web to find the tastiest dishes that will give you your favorite fall flavors without the bloat.

Watercress Spinach Dip With Flaxseed Crackers

Who says dipping cant be delicious and good for you? The fab team over at have created a creamy dip worthy of seconds! By making a few substitutions you can have all the creamy deliciousness you love about a spinach dip, without the fat.

Fruit Dip

Blogger Iowa Girl Eats, whips up a fluffy creamy dip to pair with fruit kabobs. Look, you are not going to totally escape the Sunday indulgence but portioning out the dip helps you to curb your sweet tooth without digging into that batch of brownies.

White Bean and Turkey Chili

At under 300 calories per serving, how can you go wrong with this dish? All the indulgent comfort you expect from your football meal, without the added grease!

Sticky Sweet Teriyaki Wings

A little salty, a little sweet, these sticky wings are the perfect way to pack on the flavor a bit more responsibly. In under two hours you will have a dish sure to leave your guests coming back for more.

Chewy Cupcake Brownies

With just a few simple substitutions you can have that cupcakes you adore without the high calorie count! Thanks to Spark People, you very literally can have your cake and eat it too.

Round Up: Healthy Football Recipes