In order to keep on track it is important to keep a properly stocked cupboard. It comes in handy when you couldn’t make it to the store and you’re craving something easy that doesn’t involve too much preparation.  The cupboard can get a bad reputation though and I would like to shine some light on the fact that you can have a cupboard full of delicious healthy foods. Here are my top 10 cupboard items that I make sure to keep on hand for healthy snacks and meals.

1. NUTS  Any and all kinds of nuts are a must! These are great to grab a handful as a snack, add to breakfast items, make trail mix, or to make some nut butters.  From cashews to almonds to macadamia nuts – you can literally turn any kind of nut into a butter. Check out some great recipes here!

2. SPICES  I try to keep a variety of spices on hand, so that I can keep healthy dishes, like chicken, simple but delicious.

3. CHIA SEEDS Organic and Raw chia seeds are my new best friend! I love making ‘jelly’ with them, creating a delicious pudding snack or bulking up a smoothie or other recipes!  There are so many clever uses for chia seeds!

4. PROTEIN POWDER  Protein Powders are great for when you are in a hurry and want to just put something together quickly. My recommendation is to find a clean protein though that isn’t too processed. One of my favorites is Vega.

5. COFFEE  I absolutely love coffee and make sure I always have some on hand, as well as tea. I start every morning with coffee, it helps me rev my engine!

6. RAW HONEY Skip the agave, skip the sugar, skip the stevia, skip the splenda! Stick to mother nature’s candy but use sparingly!

7. BOXED SOUP STOCK  Chicken, beef and vegetable are all great options!  If you don’t have time to make your own, you will love having these on hand for the cooler weather ahead. Please make sure you watch the sodium though!

8 & 9 POPCORN / OIL This is a great, easy, clean snack. Just add a little OIL (which is another must have-coconut for cooking, olive oil for salads) and cook on the stove!  Studies have shown that olive oil helps prevent strokes and helps maintain lower cholesterol levels.

10. GLUTEN FREE OATMEAL A staple in my days are overnight oats! It is a simple easy way to get breakfast in quick, since you prepare them the night before. Take a serving of oatmeal mix with greek yogurt and a little almond milk and throw into the refrigerator. When morning comes top with those nuts, maybe mix in some protein powder with a little honey on top and you never had to leave the cupboard!

My Top 10 Healthy Snacks I Keep In The Cupboard

By Heather Dorak, Founder Pilates Platinum