• Studio is mostly Anusara yoga, but does offer Vinyasa during their 1-hour lunch classes and restorative classes.
    • Studio is unique to NYC in its views of sunsets over the East River, not to mention you can hear the waves hit Dumbo’s Jay Street!
    • Hardwood floors, natural light, nice circulation and air flow (not stuffy).
    • Abhaya’s clientele are mostly regulars, but the community is extremely welcoming and warm.
    • There’s a diversity of age ranges and a semi-equal representation of males and females, uncommon in most yoga classes!
    • Starting in August of 2013, Abhaya will begin postnatal and prenatal classes.
    • Abhaya means fearlessness in Sanskrit – for the studio it represents approaching experiences with openness and being ready for the unexpected.
    • Tara Glazier is Abhaya’s owner and most popular instructor. She has also taught at Virayoga (NYC) and Mala Yoga (Brooklyn) and travels around the world to teach and study yoga.
    • Abhaya classes are a mix of mind and body work – teachers begin class with a two-minute-ish opening statement that brings together some aspect of daily life with yogi principles. Afterwards they’re more focused on your body’s moving in and out of poses, not so much on yogi philosophy.
    • Teachers like to touch and adjust you, pushing you to the limit in a supportive and safe way.
    • Friday evening classes from 6:30 – 8pm includes live music from DJs, tabla players, kirtan singers, cellists and more.
    • Abhaya also offers off-site yoga for local businesses – an instructor comes to the office once or twice a week to teach a customized class. Awesome.
  • You leave Abhaya feeling out-of-body and totally out-of-city. The studio is gorgeous and very uncommon for NYC, perched atop the first building east of the East River. You can hear the waves and see boats tugging along – the sunsets are truly amazing.

    The instructors at Abhaya are very skilled. You really feel looked after and that there’s a collective investment in your yoga practice.

    There’s generally a bit of partner work in each class – just for a pose or two, nothing serious. Whether or not you’re into that, the community at Abhaya makes the partnering one of the most appealing aspects. There are lots of “experts” in the classes who might also be taking teacher training classes or teach at other studios, so by partnering with others for handstands, for example, you’re actually learning from everyone practicing in the class, not just the official instructor.

    A note on the “open” classes, which are the most frequently offered: at Abhaya, we’d say the classes actually skew more difficult, not because the poses are harder, but because the teachers encourage you to push yourself.

    After a few classes at Abhaya, you really start to feel like an expert. And frankly, we’d keep going just for the waves.

  • Brooklyn
    10 Jay Street, 6th Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

Abhaya Yoga