• Aura Cycle and Aura Yoga are West Hollywood’s first and only fitness studios that couple intense workouts with a unique sensory experience.
    • The proprietary lighting design complements each segment of the workout by shifting tones in tandem with changes in the routine.
    • At Aura Yoga, the spectrum of the room gently shifts along with changes in poses, and at Aura Cycle, blues become deep reds as the class intensifies.
    • Aura Yoga offers classes for yogis at all levels, with an emphasis on both flow and power – helping to build lean, toned muscle.
    • Aura Cycle leads its students through an intense cardio regime that produces a significant calorie blast in a vibrant, entertaining environment.
    • Complimentary Parking is available in the shared lot behind the studio!
    • Make sure to bring your own mat, towel, and water bottle. Complimentary filtered water is available.
    • Unlimited Monthly Autopay is available for $130.
    • Aura has created an intricate system of custom colored lights to coincide with the flow of the class to open up the body’s energy channels.
  • Aura Yoga is nestled in a quiet space amid high end shops and restaurants on the iconic Sunset Boulevard. Upon entering the studio, we heard laughter and chatting, and could instantly feel the sense of community. Our instructor was recommended by several people, and we could definitely see why as she made us feel right at home, introducing us to the regulars and checking up on us throughout class.

    A unique aspect of the yoga studio was the emphasis on lighting, and we are not just talking about dimming the lights! Aura has created an intricate system of custom colored lights to coincide with the theme and flow of each class, as well as the body’s chakras. We noticed our instructor used grounding red, heart-opening blue, and indigo to open our third eye throughout various stages of the class. The added sensory ambiance coupled with our instructor’s challenging sequence, hands-on adjustments, and fun-loving personality definitely enhanced our experience. Not to mention the killer playlist complete with some old school hip hop favs and fun remixes! By the end of class, we felt centered, stronger, and more energized, and could definitely see why Aura’s students continue to come back time and time again!

    8608 W. Sunset Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    8231 W. 3rd Street
    West Hollywood, CA 90046

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