• Barry’s Bootcamp claims to be “The Best Workout in the World” with their butt-kicking, sweat-drenching 60 minute workouts that have now come to Boston!
    • Cardio and strength training intervals alternate in their “club-life” atmosphere with motivating music, low lighting, and high-energy instructors.
    • Classes vary by “target areas” such as “Chest, Back and Abs”, “Hard CORE Abs”, “Butt & Legs”, or “Total Body.”
    • Voted “The Best Celebrity Workout” by Allure and Los Angeles Magazine.
    • Burns up to 1,000 calories!
    • The first location opened in LA in 1998, and Barry’s now offers as many as 12 classes, 365 days a week at studios across the country!
    • Throughout their 15 years, Barry’s has developed a dedicated celebrity following with A-listers such as Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kim Kardashian.
    • Barry’s trainers are almost like celebrities themselves with cult-like followings.  Once you see them, you’ll know why.
    • Single class: $28.
    • Their Boston studio is centrally located in Downtown Boston at Chauncy Street (close to the Downtown Crossing T stop).
    • Check out the FUEL BAR after class with delicious protein shakes that enhance your post-workout recovery.  Call ahead to have it waiting for you after class.
    • Their locker-rooms are fully stocked with showers, towels, and a get-ready-area with blow-dryers so you won’t be late to work.
    • Make sure to bring or buy water.  Trust us, you’ll need it.
  • Barry’s Bootcamp has done branding right! Their downtown Boston studio has an industrial-chic feel where the walls are panted graphic “boot-camp grey”. With the upbeat music We instantly knew we were in for one of their ultimate, legendary bootcamp experiences.  We took the full body workout which was 60 minutes broken up into 4 increments: 12 minutes of cardio, 12 mins of core/legs/glutes, 12 mins of cardio, 12 mins of arms and abs.  The cardio sessions were heat-pumping interval training including jogs, hills, and sprints.  In just 24 minutes of cardio, we burned over 300 calories (and that doesn’t include the weights)!  Our instructor, Brian, was fabulous and kept the motivating music pumping and energy high.  Towards the end of our class, when we thought we had nothing left, he inspired us and made us want to make him proud.  Boston, get ready to get addicted to Barry’s!

  • Downtown
    30 Chauncy St
    Boston, MA 02110

Barry's Bootcamp Boston