• Dance your way to a new you!
    • Body By Simone mixes dance with yoga and Pilates to develop core strength, create long lean muscle, and promote cardio fitness, giving you the ultimate dancer’s body.
    • The studio is known for their Dance Cardio class, which includes 45 minutes of high intensity dance cardio, 5 minutes of ab/core work, 5 minutes of arm toning, and ends with a 5 minute cool down.
    • Looking to lift that tush? Try HTB (Hips Thighs Buns). This 55 minute long toning class focuses on the lower body by utilizing Pilates balls, bands and your own body resistance to create long, lean muscles.
    • The studios founder, Simone De La Rue, began training in classical ballet at the age of three!
    • It was her successful dance career spanning over two decades (including performances on Broadway, London’s West End and her native Australia), which gave her the inspiration to open Body By Simone.
    • Simone wanted to create an exclusive, boutique environment, where clients could feel comfortable while achieving the best results.
    • Wear comfortable sneakers! Although the floors have a typical dance studio spring to them, If you take the Dance Cardio class, much of the time you will be bouncing on the ball of your foot. You can purchase a pair of Newtons, the sneaker the studio recommends, right at the front desk. 
    • Show up early. You want to make sure you get your perfect spot.
    • Water is a must! They do have bottles of Fiji available for purchase.
    • Of all her years training, Simone has never been injured, but she and her team also specialize in clients with previous injuries.
    • Cant make it to class? Check out BBS TV. For just $10 a month you can get your sweat on with Simone anywhere, anytime.
    • Be ready to burn!
  • The super clean, chic studio is located in New York’s swanky Chelsea neighborhood. We arrived to class early to get a feel for the environment. From the moment we walked in the door there was nothing but smiles. The super friendly staff gave us the run down on what we were going to be getting into (knowing we were first timers) and Simone herself took the time to introduce herself, and ask if we had any injuries. Before we knew it, It was time for class. With all the buzz, how could we not take Dance Cardio?

    The airy space filled with participates, and the lights lowered. Simone told us to just go with it, and we did. Without judgement, or correction, our inhibitions flew out the door as each of us followed her movements at a heart pumping pace. With the music blasting, class felt like a night out, a very sweaty, girls night out. We felt the burn instantly, working muscles we did not even know existed. It was not always easy to keep up, or master exact steps, but it was okay. We were made to feel that its not about perfection its just about doing, and being together in the moment.

    Class ended with some strength training, using two-pound weights. After the intense cardio session, and the way in which Simone had us working the weights (think pulses), it was more difficult than expected. A few breaths and deep stretches later, we emerged from the studio on cloud nine- feeling super lean, motivated, and exhausted all at the same time.

  • Chelsea
    606 W 26th St
    New York, NY 10001

Body By Simone NYC