• Body Space Fitness brings the best NYC coaches straight to you with effective workouts that use your own body weight.  You won’t believe the results!
    • Body Space knows it’s all about making your sweat social, and specializes in semi-private training for you and 1, 2, or 3 others.
    • 2 types of group classes are also offered throughout the day including: BodyCamp (think group weight and metabolic training), and Training for Warriors (think treadmill interval bootcamp on steroids!)
    • Body Space regulars are equally split between gals and guys, and typically draw in a 20-something crowd with it’s union square location.
    • Founded in 2012, Body Space was created to fill the gap between private training and group fitness: for those who want individualized programs, but can’t afford one-on-ones.
    • Everyone has their own story on how they got into fitness, and owner Kelvin Gary’s is nothing short of impressive.  After spending time in corporate life with an MBA from NYU and B.S. in Engineering, Kelvin followed his passion for a better life and never looked back.
    • Body Space’s experts will help you “tap into your potential.”
    • Group classes are $30 per class.
    • Semi-privates and privates are sold in 3-month agreement options.  $325 gets you 25 semi-private sessions!
    • Showers, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are all provided in the state-of-the-art studio.
    • Class sizes are small and provide tons of body space (get it?)- groups are no more than 10, and semi-privates no more than 4.
  • Body Space Fitness lives up to its great name, with a boutique-style gym ideally located on 14th street between Union Square and The Meatpacking District.  State of the art equipment completed the immaculate and bright studio, which was spacious enough to fit a small group class and a couple private training sessions.  A high-energy environment filled the space with both the trainers and trainees ready to break a serious sweat!

    We went to the Training for Warriors class taught by Tony, a warrior himself.  Tony was informative, thorough and couldn’t have been nicer.  With only a handful of people in the class, Tony was able to give personalized attention, asking for any injuries, and continuously checked in to make sure we were “comfortable” (or as comfortable as you can be running sprints at an 8 percent incline!) throughout the class.   We started out with a long 25 minute warm up that consisted of lunges, jumping jacks, and band walks to stretch all of our muscles and get us warrior ready.  Then, the fun began!  Think 30 second sprints starting at a 8 percent incline followed by rounds of upper and lower body work, repeat 3 times- that’s one round!  We completed three rounds of intense interval training.  Tony motivated us, “tapped into our potential” and definitely brought the warrior out in all of us.

  • Union Square
    47 West 14th Street 5th Floor
    New York, NY 10011

Body Space Fitness