• Btone Fitness offers Tone (Pilates), Ryde (Spinning) and Barre classes that all aim to get you in killer shape.
    • You maximize results in a minimum amount of time by combining cardio, endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.
    • Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.
    • The studio offers a unique style of class called Ryde, which utilizes a spin bike that moves, so think about trying something new!
    • Btone was founded to offer clients the most efficient workout they could find at the most reasonable rate.
    • Their uniquely designed classes seek to put a fresh take on old-school exercises, to make your workouts interesting!
    • First time clients pay just 5$ for their first class.
    • You will find water at Btone, but make sure to bring your own bottle!
    • If you are participating in a Ryde class wear sneakers, or your own cycling shoes!
    • The studio is on the 4th floor and we recommend taking the stairs – the elevator is slow, plus you’ll burn some extra calories!
    • The studio is located in between Arlington and Berkeley on Newbury Street (2-3 blocks away from the Arlington and Copley stop on the Green line.
    • There is one shower at the Back Bay location.
    • If you want to see quick results, the Lexington locations offer 4 week Boot Camp sessions that  clients rave about!
  • The conveniently located studio, just blocks away from the Arlington and Copley stop off the Green Line, has a Back Bay brownstone feel with green and floral carpeting and floor to ceiling windows that lead up to a cool architectural skylilght.  We went to the TONE class which was all about power pilates reformers. There are 12 or so in the classroom which provided an intimate setting for the group class.  We quickly realized that these machines are no joke! We worked for 45 minutes, targeting each body part for 10 minutes each with a warm up and cool down.  We moved in a slow controlled manner to completely exhaust every muscle group before moving onto the next.  The 45 minutes flew by, as the skilled instructor guided us to stay laser focused on each muscle-group we were working on.   Btone Fitness certainly toned every inch of our bodies and we felt it for days.  And, since it only costs $5 for your first class, what are you waiting for?

  • Back Bay
    30 Newbury St 4th Floor
    Boston, MA 02116
    30 Waltham Street
    Lexington, MA 02420
    385 Boston Post Road
    Sudbury, MA 01776

Btone Fitness