• 305 Fitness is a dance and cardio workout with both a sculpting and sprinting component.
    • The class atmosphere is all about having fun and essentially feeling like you are having a night out dancing, where you can be totally uninhibited!
    • Weekday classes have up to 19 spots per class, but weekend classes have 35 spots since a larger studio space is used.
    • You can burn up to 800 calories per class!
    • Each class is only 55 minutes.
    • 305 Fitness has plans to open their own studio in the near future. Right now they rent space, as well as do fun pop-us all over the city.
    • The founder, Sadie, is a recent grad from Brown University and only 23 years old!
    • Sadie won a business plan competition for her concept of 305 Fitness while attending Brown University! Upon graduation she started the company here in NYC.
    • The name ‘305 Fitness’ is from her area code of her hometown – Miami!
    • 305 was created to give a sense of empowerment.
    • Just like any challenging workout, wear good sneakers!
    • Pop-up locations make classes unique
    • A normal drop in class is $24.
    • There’s an intro offer for new clients – $24 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes!
    • Packages include: 5 classes for $110 or 10 classes for $200
  • Lights, Camera, Action! With the live DJs, dark lighting, and high energy from the instructors all you want to do is move and dance. 305 Fitness is a cardio dance class led by amazing instructors. The instructors are there to keep up your energy levels and keep you moving; however, it’s up to you to get funky with it. They want you to just let go and have fun! To be honest, it’s way more fun and carefree to go to 305 with your friends. It makes it easier to let loose and go wild. There’s a small warm-up and then you’re dancing and it’s hard. After about 25 minutes you do full-body sculpting, continued by sprints (which are killer) and then you end with a few more songs and a cool-down and stretch for 5-10 minutes. This class leaves you breathless, thirsty, and satisfied.

  • New York
    37 W 26th St, 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10010
    (646) 480-2459