• The Bar Method gives killer muscle-building poses to sculpt deep within areas such as the back, core, butt and shoulders.
    • Do these hour classes three to five times per week and you are guaranteed to see all over definition within 30 days.
    • It’s the little things in life!  These moves are isometric to carve muscle and burn major fat.
    • Burr Leonard, a former journalist, has been practicing and improving on the exercises that now make up The Bar Method exercise.
    • The Bar Method was founded in 2001 with their flagship studio in San Francisco.
    • Since then, they have built and franchised 76 Bar Method studios around 21 states in the country and have produced two exercise DVDs to bring the workout home with you.
    • Single Class: $30.  But, if you love it, the new client special for $100 a month unlimited is definitely worth it!
    • You must wear pants that cover your knees, socks and a top that covers your tummy.
    • If you forget your socks you can buy new ones or borrow fresh loaner socks.
    • Leave your stress behind!  No cell phones allowed in the studio.
    • Classes are at perfect times for a workout to start or end the day.
    • Save time to peruse the adorable fitness apparel for sale in the studio.
  • Calm, cool and collected.  That’s how we felt immediately after walking into The Bar Method.  The lobby area and reception smelled like vacation and the staff made us feel like we actually were with their welcoming smiles.  Class started with a quick knee up warm up.  Not wasting any time we quickly worked up a sweat with thigh excercises.  How is it possible we were already trembling by the third set?  This must be why the instructors are super toned, hot and happy!  Our form was being watched and corrected as needed, preventing injuries.  We then moved into total body conditioning alternating with deep stretches.  The instructors were continuously encouraging, making us want to keep up the burn and not throw in the towel.  Our entire bodies felt powerful yet graceful by the end of class leaving us wanting to schedule our next session right away.

  • South Miami
    5734 Sunset, 2nd Floor
    South Miami, FL 33143

The Bar Method