• Flatiron’s hot new studio, where the quantity of gym class offerings meets the quality and sensibility of boutique fitness.
    • Amenities include spa-like areas to socialize and a “tech desk” to book future classes.
    • Classes incorporate wearable, performance-based technology.
    • Fitness options include: cycling classes, a curated selection of “Master” classes, and private training.
    • The studio’s instructors are all referred to as Xperts.
    • BFX stands for Boutique Fitness Experience.
    • The first NYC outpost is located on the corner of 15th and Sixth Ave, in the heart of the Flatiron (Fitness) District.
    • Wear sneakers.
    • Showers available onsite with Harmonic vegan and organic toiletries.
    • Classes limited to 22.
  • Nestled in the heart of Chelsea is a stunning, state of the art studio called BFX offering barre, boxing, spin classes and everything in between. We first visited the studio to review a BFX Build class taught the lovely Amanda Butler. Dressed in a tank that read “Badass with a nice ass”, Amanda was very hands-on and offered plenty of personal feedback to each of her students. The class itself was broken into 3 circuits of 5 exercises, with 3 reps of each exercise before the next circuit. A few of the real killers: tri’s, bi’s & Y’s on the TRX bands and one-armed planks on the floor. While the quick transitions, jump squats and split squats certainly added an element of cardio to the class, it primarily focused on building lean muscle and engaging your core. We were lucky enough to take BFX Build with only four other women but would encourage anyone to sign up as long as they’re ready to sweat and take some pointers from the beautiful blonde teaching the class!

  • BFX Studio
    555 6th Ave.
    New York, NY 10011