• 55 minute group classes of 8 people using the Allegro reformer.
    • Classes work your entire body with a focus on giving you that summer six pack you’ve been dreaming of.
    • Didn’t think Pilates got your heart rate up?  You haven’t been here: classes move much faster than typical reformer classes and we promise you will sweat. 
    • First dynamic Pilates reformer studio in Chicago!
    • Owned by Corinne Clifton who promises (from first hand experience) you’ll see physical changes in just 10 classes.
    • Must buy “credits” online beforehand to book classes.  Each class is one credit.
    • Even if you have never done Pilates on a reformer before, you don’t need to spend a fortune on privates. Try to attend one of the beginner sessions first.
    • First-timers get a free workout!
    • Last minute project piled on at work?  Un-like other studios where you would be out of luck, as long as it’s 4 hours before class you can get your money back.
  • Although reformer machines look intimidating, Reform Chicago Pilates makes them not just do-able, but effective for just about everyone. The studio is clean and spacious, and very easy to find.   Throughout the class, our instructor, Nik, offered variations so the wide range of students from their 20’s to their 60’s could all get an amazing workout.   We couldn’t think of a better way to tone our abs, legs, butt and arms.  So, with the first class free, what are you waiting for?

  • River North
    222 W. Huron, lower level.
    Chicago, IL 60654

Reform Chicago Pilates