• Pep Rallies start off with our signature workout, cheerFIT Bootcamp – a high energy, yet intense workout fused with cardio intervals, body weight circuits and cheer inspired exercises.
    • This 55 minute sweat fest provides all the tools you need to get in a great workout – tone, sculpt, define, and have fun! (Note: for the Pep Rallies – raffles, prizes and more are offered after the workout)
    • Yes, there are pom poms for everyone at each workout!
    • You don’t have to be a cheerleader to work out like one
    • cheerFIT Training (www.cheerfittraining.com) was founded by Danielle Wechsler – D1 Cheerleader for Syracuse University and trainer to the pros.
    • Danielle is known for her contagious energy and passion for helping others!
    • It was after tearing her ACL twice, Danielle originally created cheerFIT to help cheerleaders prevent injury, build endurance and improve stunting.
    • The company has quickly grown, and now offers group fitness programs for those fitness enthusiasts who want to improve stability, endurance, flexibility and have fun.
    • Pep Rallies are monthly events that incorporate the cheerFIT Bootcamp, prizes, raffles and contests.
    • Location: cheerFIT has partnered with Athleta stores in NYC to host the Pep Rallies.
    • Schedule: events are scheduled once per month .
    • Cost: Free!
    • Check here to sign up: www.cheerfittraining.com/peprally **hurry reserve your spot today, spots fill up quickly.
    • Sneakers are recommended or Nike Studio Wraps are a personal favorite.
    • Bring Water!
  • Sweat, smile & repeat: it’s not only the mantra behind cheerFIT founder, Danielle Wechsler’s, unique training program but also behind her way of life. When a knee injury sidelined the former D-1 cheerleader, she was told she’d either need to face another serious surgery or give up cheering forever. Danielle, however, did not take the news lying down. The tiny, bubbly student fought back against the bleak prognosis by designing her own rehabilitation program, a dynamic circuit-style workout that eventually laid the foundation for her foray into the fitness world. Today, the cheer coach trains the unofficial squad of the NY Giants but also find time to offer bootcamp-style classes to the public. Her regimen uses total body exercises such as lunges, pushups and planks to target five areas of fitness: stability, cardio, strength training, abs and flexibility. While former cheer captains will certainly get a kick out of picking up their pompoms again, no prior experience is necessary and even rookies like ourselves can let loose and show some spirit with Danielle cheering us on.  The workout has cardio dance elements, too!

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