• Want to workout at home?  Your Office?  The Park? Lomax?  No Problem! Chloe is an independent Pilates, Barre, and TRX teacher that is available to teach you at any location you desire.
    • Chloe tailors each session for you, letting you achieve maximum results in minimum time.
    • The benefits of a Pilates workout?  Improve posture, flexibility, coordination, body alignment, core strength, and stability and balance.
    • Check out Chloe’s Profile right here!
    • Chloe became a Pilates devotee after trying the exercise to help heal her back problems.  Today, she is healed, certified and hooked!
    • Chloe is STOTT certified, and combines these principals with dynamic Pilates in her practice.
    • STOTT is designed to “restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints.”
    • Chloe is also qualified in Total Barre, if you want the benefits of a barre workout too!.
    • Single sessions at home: £65, Lomax: £80
    • Expecting or want to get back into pre-baby shape?  Chloe is trained in both Pre and Post Natal Pilates.
    • All levels are welcome.
    • Ready to get started?  Contact Chloe at chloe@chloespilates.com.
    • Lomax is currently renovating space for Chloe to teach Pilates and Barre.  The new studio will be open on Tuesday 10/15!
    • Chloe’s Cardiolates class at Lomax offers the best of both worlds: 30 minutes of spinning plus 30 minutes of Pilates.
  • Seeing Chloe is one of our favorite things to do in London!   Her energy is contagious and her passion for all things pilates is inspiring.  You can find her running around London teaching private classes to students in their homes or at Lomax Bespoke Studio in Chelsea.  The Lomax likes Chloe so much they allowed her to host Chloe’s Pilates within their studio. They are presently renovating the space but we’re told when complete, there will be one studio where Chloe can teach barre classes and another area with four reformers.  In true Lomax fashion, all classes are small with a hands on focus to make sure you can’t cheat!  An hour class consists of traditional reformer pilates and Chloe incorporates weights and balls to keep it new exciting. Our favorite is to get three friends and make your sweat social with Chloe!  She is available to teach small classes upon request.  For now, you can sign up on the Lomax website for the reformer classes or individual lessons. And, make sure to stop for a green juice after class in The Lomax cafe!

  • Anywhere in West London!
    West London, UK
    The Lomax
    293 Fulham Road
    Fulham, London SW10 9PZ