• Core Pilates focuses exclusively on Pilates in group, private, duo, trio, or quad sessions.
    • Offers a variety of programs on different Pilates equipment.
    • This studio is the only one in Greenwich that offers group classes on the reformer!
    • For all you athletes out there, Core Pilates instructors are certified in Golf conditioning, and are experienced in Tennis conditioning.
    • Classes are fast paced and for experienced Pilates clients.
    • The first studio opened in Rye, NY.
    • Co-owners of Greenwich studio: Kristen LeClair and Tamara Slupchynskyj are Pilates pros and fitness enthusiasts that make personal connections with all of their clients.
    • Olympic athletes, actresses and models have sought after Kristen to help get them into top shape.
    • The most affordable session is a Trio/Quad/Group at $55 per person.  So, get your besties together and get going!
    • Privates are $125.
    • Refer a friend, and receive 10% off your next Pilates package!
    • Wear tight athletic pants and a tank top (or preferred exercise shirt). Bare feet are recommended, but socks are also acceptable.
    • First timer?  Arrive 10 minutes early to fill in the waiver, meet the instructor, and discuss goals and/or injuries.
    • In order to sign up for the classes, private sessions are required if clients have no prior experience in Pilates. Private sessions are also recommended to adjust to the style of Core Pilates before taking a class.
  • When we walked up the stairs, we knew Core Pilates was unique. The sun was lighting up the white hallway and studio, creating a calming effect. The hardwood floors matched the wooden equipment and complemented the fireplace and white furniture that welcomed us as we stepped in the studio. We filled out our waivers, discussed our injuries and previous experience in Pilates, and were directed towards the reformers. An intimate class of four began, and for the next hour we quickly, yet effectively, moved through every exercise on the reformer we knew and more! In addition to standard exercises, such as frogs, footwork, and using the short and long box, we also learned new exercises! We used many props, such as stability balls, spring circles, and straps. The class was challenging, but Kristen was an inspiring teacher.  Modifications were available to make exercises easier or harder. This gave us the chance to push our boundaries or rest if an injury inhibited an exercise. By the end of the class, we had worked and toned the whole body, with a special focus on the core. The next day we definitely felt our hard work paying off!

  • Greenwich
    6 W. Putnam Ave.
    Greenwich, CT 06830
    22 Purchase Street
    Rye, NY 10580

Core Pilates Greenwich