• What is CrossFit?  It is workout “cult” that uses constantly-changing strength and conditioning moves executed at high intensity.
    • Movements that will make you sweat include: squats, presses, dead lifts, pulls, push-ups, and more.
    • No fitness level needed, all you need is commitment.
    • CrossFit develops you beyond physical levels, but also mentally and personally.  Get into the mindset!
    • The CrossFit Program was uniquely developed to enhance an individual’s ability at all physical tasks.
    • Anyone from police, firefighters, professional athletes, regular fitness buffs, and workout newbies are utilizing this universal workout.
    • CrossFit Broadway is not your typical gym, it’s a community and culture that will push you to your limits.
    • Month to Month membership: $115 (3x per week), $165 for unlimited classes.
    • New to CrossFit?  All first-timers are required to take a fundamentals class to introduce you to CrossFit movements.
    • Elements classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm.
    • Your first session is free!
  • Located in an up and coming town with young professionals and many bars and restaurants to choose from, you’ll get energy just from the city-like town alone.  We walked into the lofty warehouse-like studio with bare walls and rubber floors feeling empowered and ready to kick it into high gear this workout.  With little time to chit-chat, we went straight to business.  CrossFit Broadway was no-nonsense, but totally do-able for fitness lovers of all levels.  The trainers are very nice but serious about your form and efforts. There are scores to beat and limits to reach. We walked out fired up and thoroughly satisfied!

  • Denver
    227 Broadway
    Denver, CO 80203

CrossFit Broadway