• Drill Fitness is designed for those who crave a personal evolution, and offers both total-body strength and indoor cycling classes driven by the power of music.
    • Classes are challenging, goal oriented, aspirational and achievable, with a focus on giving 110% to achieve optimal fitness.
    • Students can alternate Drill Ride and Drill Body classes for a workout every day of the week, maximizing their results.
    • Drill Body FIT, Drill Body HIIT, Drill Ride 45, Drill Ride Enduro are some of the class types offered.
    • Cycle classes are capped at 30 riders and all other classes are capped at 20 students
    • Winston Fisher founded Drill Fitness in 2014.
    • A natural athlete who has always welcomed a physical challenge – hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu among other pursuits – Winston fully committed to a fit lifestyle in 2011. This led to a personal transformation that saw him lose 40 pounds and adopt a healthy diet.
    • Taking fitness classes across the city, he saw room for improvement in the class model and was inspired to create his own. Drill Fitness combines Winston’s passions for cycling, triathlons and boot-camp-style workouts with superior customer service, great music, and the intensity of completing a series of exercises in a defined period of time.
    • Since 2012, Winston has completed six Ironman races, four Spartans, and has biked across America (RAMM), among numerous other athletic events. He will compete in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in October 2014. Winston’s experience has taught him that more important than the race is the journey getting there.
    • Winston is a partner at New York City-based real estate firm Fisher Brothers and executive vice chairman of the Fisher House Foundation, which provides free or low-cost lodging to veterans and military families receiving treatment at military medical centers.
    • Wear sneakers
    • Bring, borrow or buy a heart-rate monitor at the front desk.
    • Feel free to bring your own SPD equipped cycle shoes, but the studio has some for loan.
    • Refuel with a smoothie after class.
    • There are showers and fully stocked locker rooms on site!
  • Drill Fitness’ 4,200-square-foot facility could pass for a spa. The sundrenched cornerspace boasts two studios, floor-to-lofted ceiling windows, expansive locker rooms and a smoothie bar, but its classes aren’t designed for those looking to relax. Before entering our first Drill Body FIT class, we receive heart-rate monitors that will track how hard we’re working on a large monitor throughout class. Another wall displays an oversized chalkboard with Drill’s mantra: “Intensity is Addictive”, followed by a daunting interval-structured workout. Our instructor, Angel Santiago, leads us through a warm-up and into our first “Drill” (kettle bells, squats, lunges, rows) followed by a Tabata interval (burpees, mountain-climbers, walking planks, jumps). Follow with two more full-body strength “drills”, another Tabata interval and polish off with core work if you’re looking to get a sense of class. 45- and 60-minute spin classes are also offered in Drill’s 30-bike cycling studio, where the monitor tracks your resistance and RPM. After class, we receive our results via email so we can record our progress after our next class. We can’t wait.

  • Drill Fitness
    136 Church Street
    New York, NY 10007

Drill Fitness, Tribeca Bootcamp & Spin Studio