• Fighting 4 Fitness is a high-energy training center offering bootcamp, boxing, and personal training sessions tailored to you.
    • They specialize in assisting those that want to improve their health and need their expert’s guidance.
    • All levels welcome from professional athletes to fitness newbies.
    • “If you want to be fit, You have to put up a FIGHT!”
    • Founded by Altanta native, Steve Hess in 1996.
    • Steve’s impressive fitness experience includes: weight training, Jiu-jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.
    • Steve is “dedicated to helping people incorporate physical fitness into their lives and building a healthier mind, body, and spirit.”
    • Their weekly boot camps are a perfect way to jumpstart your transformation.
    • If you are new to Fighting 4 Fitness your first month of boot camp is only $100.
    • Free parking offered at the Windsor at Turtle Creek parking lot or on the street.
    • Bring a pair of gloves and wraps if you have them.
    • Athletic clothing and tennis shoes required.
    • Private training rates vary depending on the service and number of sessions.
  • Fighting 4 Fitness isn’t your average training facility.  Steve Hess, founder of Fighting 4 Fitness is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and means business.  When we arrived, we began a little warm up and then were given a pair of gloves, some boxing tactics and were off to some jabs, cross jabs and uppercuts.  Once we had that down, Steve taught us some fighting kicks that are meant to bring pain to any opponent.  Incorporating everything we learned, we were put to the test with movements, double jabs and kicks.  This not only is an awesome endurance workout, but one of the best relievers for pent up stress.  The gym is located at the Windsor at Turtle Creek fitness center, but Steve offers boot camps and training at multiple locations.  If you are looking to learn basic boxing moves, self-defense tactics, martial arts, cardio boot camp with kickboxing or personal training, Steve does it all at Fighting 4 Fitness.

  • Turtle Creek
    2217 Ivan St
    Dallas, TX 75201

Fighting 4 Fitness