• Firebrand Sports is an innovative fitness studio that features two game-changing workouts you won’t find anywhere else in the state of Oregon: Pyrolates™ and Full Tilt Cycling™.
    • Pyrolates™ introduces you to the Megaformer™, a state-of-the-art pilates machine that combines strength-training, endurance, flexibility, and cardio.
    • Full Tilt Cycling ™ actually moves with your body like a real bike.
    • Classes are high energy in bright spacious studios with uplifting instructors and pump-it-up music.
    • Classes are only 50 minutes; the studio recommends that customers take at least 3 per week.
    • Sara Stimac is the owner and lead Pyrolates™ instructor at Firebrand and founded the studio with her mother and father, Linda and John Stimac.
    • Firebrand’s mission is to move us away from personal trainers and toward quicker, more thorough classes ideal for people that don’t have a lot of extra time.
    • Sara has a long, rich background in fitness, starting in high school when she was a step aerobics instructor. She also trained as a client for 4 years under Lagree Fitness™ founder Sebastien Lagree.
    • For Pyrolates™ wear socks with grips or soft-soled shoes.
    • For Full-Tilt Cycing™ cycling shoes and padded shorts are strongly recommended. They have shoes at the front desk for you to try out or rent.
    • Show up to class 10-15 minutes early so you have time to get settled-in.
    • First class is $15.  After that Pyrolates™ is $30/class and Cycling is $22.
  • When you first walk into Firebrand Sports you encounter what owner Sara calls the “living room.” Beautifully, but minimally furnished, this area creates a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. You can’t help but lounge before and after class around the fireplace and appreciate the openness created by the floor to ceiling windows and mirrors that enclose the studio. Both workouts are intense, and keep you driven and focused for the whole 50 minutes. We sweat through our shirts and felt the affect in our abs, arms, legs, basically everywhere. The instructor eases you into the workout with a quick warm up and then we dove into a session of planking, lifting, pulling, and pushing that left our muscles shaking for more at the end. All the instructors managed to create a grooving playlist catered to our movement and reps. We sealed it off with a thorough cool-down.

  • Pearl District
    500 NW 14th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97209

Firebrand Sports