• With their mantra to “Never Coast”,  Flywheel has claimed the spinning throne in Chicago.
    • The bikes are assembled theater-like on three tiers making it easy to see the instructor and TorqBoards from anywhere in the room.
    • Classes are typically 45 minutes, but some are 60-minutes.  Make sure to double check before booking, that extra 15 minutes is a killer!
    • After launching in 2010 in NYC, Flywheel invested in Chicago and opened their Gold Coast studio in 2011.
    • Located right under luxury building, One West Superior and also next to Whole Foods, this spot is one of our favorites!
    • Going home for a holiday weekend?  Check out the studio in Highland Park.
    • When you hear the instructor say, “Turn Up the Torq”, that’s Flywheel code for resistance.
    • First timer or just have stage fright? Unclick the “I want to participate in the TorqBoard” button when checking in.
    • Unsure of how to adjust your bike? Seat and handle-bar heights are super important – the Flywheel instructors and staff are always there to help you get it just right!
    • If you need to cancel, make sure you do so by 5pm the evening before your class.
    • Don’t miss Flywheel’s theme rides, often led by one of our favorite instructors, Michael.  He has been reported to swing a boa around his neck while singing along to Britney Spears and Madonna.
  • The mantra to “Never Coast” is written prominently on the window and successfully sets the tone for the class, which is a 45 minute heart pumping, calorie burning, sweat sesh.  The teachers are incredibly nice and totally ripped, inspiring us with their encouragement and their own accomplishments to put a little more resistance in our ride and to push through that extra minute on the hills, jumps, and sprints in each set.    Once class was done we made sure to take a look at our bike screen to get an approximate calories-burned-count by multiplying the “power” number by 2.  After class, we relished in the feeling that we were “still flying” with our endorphins on high alert from the combination of intense pedaling, light weight work for our arms, and a sneaky core/abdominal workout.  Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the front desk offered us fresh fruit to refuel and rebuild our tired legs!  According to our TorqBoard score, we burned 500 calories – thanks Flywheel!

  • Gold Coast
    710 North State Street
    Chicago, IL 60654