• Want to take your workout to new heights?  Four Elements specializes in aerial yoga, a practice that suspends people in the air by silk hammocks mounted to the ceiling.
    • Also has traditional ground yoga classes from gentle to vigorous in difficulty.
    • Class size varies depending on type ranging from eight to twenty-two people.
    • Opened in August 2012 by Lydia Michelson-Maverick and John Maverick.
    • Two structural engineers, and months of renovations went into the historic studio equipped with silk hammocks that can hold up to 2,700 pounds of weight.
    • The only studio in Austin designed for aerial yoga!
    • Tired of sitting on the computer?  Try the Tech Detox Yoga Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm.
    • Studio is next to Manuel’s.  Make sure to take the stairs to the second floor.
    • Ground classes cost $18 each; aerial yoga and aerial Pilates are $25/class.
    • Going last minute?  Give it a shot – Four Elements always tries to accommodate walk-ins.
  • The charming studio space is concealed between two storefronts on Congress Avenue, above the street line with windows that let in great sunlight. The fabric used for Ariel Yoga classes hangs from the ceilings, braided and knotted practically to keep from touching the floor. Our instructor led us through brief yoga stretches and then encouraged us to get off the floor and into the fabric. Combining many familiar yoga poses with an attitude of playful experimentation, our class twisted, twirled, and flipped in the air while utilizing amazing amounts of core strength and balance. Class moved on a very individual basis, allowing us to test out what worked and what didn’t.  The serenity and strength found in Four Elements’ Ariel Yoga classes was exactly what we needed to lift us up!

  • Core District
    314 Congress Ave #200
    Austin, TX 78701

Four Elements Yoga & Fitness