• Manic Training is founded on high intensity methods and movements of today’s athletes.
    • This class is truly one of a kind – class experiences are always fresh and different!
    • Classes are all only an hour – so just remember, your body is capable of anything for 60 minutes!
    • The classmates range from high school students to world-class athletes, but everyone is treated the same and works to move beyond their personal limits.
    • Vail natives describe it as “similar to CrossFit.”


    • Sports coach Graham Muir developed this “no frills, no ego, and no mirrors” studio over the course of many years.
    • He combined his athletic training regimens with modern technique to create a unique workout environment.
    • Many professional athletes train at Manic – talk about motivation!
    • For a little less intensity try Manic Life: offered three days a week for those looking to get back in the workout “groove.”
    • Manic also offers special training for ski/snowboard conditioning to protect and strengthen new muscles and joints!
    • Videos of certain workouts are also posted online – a great way to look for new workout ideas or take Manic with you wherever you go!
    • The first week of Manic is free!  Then, you can choose to pay $120 a month, $35 a week, or $150 for a ten punch pass.
  • We fell in love with Manic Training’s workouts from day one and have been going ever since our first week.  We always start with a warm up: usually 6 or 7 exercises involving stretching and weights. After the warm up, we transition into the main workout. There are typically 5-7 stations ranging from the bike, rowers, and skiers to kettle bells, hurdles, pull-ups, and planks. Our favorite part – it’s never the same. Sometimes we’re trying to get a certain number of reps in, other times we’re working towards a goal like distance or calories. It’s always intense, grueling, and challenging. The hour goes by quickly. There are times when we just put your head down and dig to get through it. The trainers truly work to get to know you and will make adjustments for you. They are very motivating and knowledgeable when it comes to suggesting more weight or speed.  Classmates have a variety of goals from weight loss to trying to stay in shape for their next competition.  Everyone is made to feel welcome and the instructors and students compliment and high-five each-other.  It’s a great, supportive atmosphere where anyone can thrive.

  • Vail
    0429 Edwards Access Rd, # 101
    Edwards, CO 81632

Manic Training