• Mile High Run Club (MHRC) offers a refreshing program that trains the body more successfully than just getting a few miles in on a run
    • Their unique training program relies on the Woodway 4Front Machines, which is considered the ultimate treadmill technology
    • If you are training for a half-marathon or marathon, MHRC offers the best program to crush your running goals
    • The studio is located in the heart of NOHO
    • MHRC utilizes structured intervals and power training to help runner of all levels reach their goals!
    • MHRC strives to empower and motivate their students to be the best runners they can be!
    • Instructors at MHRC are experts in their trade and range from marathon runners to Ironmen
    • MHRC offers both 45 and 60-minute classes, so find the program that suits your workout best!
    • Single Classes are $34
    • Make sure to arrive five minutes early or you will lose your treadmill!
    • Their studio offers full amenities and locker rooms
  • Noho is slowly becoming another fitness capital in Manhattan, and the addition of Mile High Run Club just adds to that reputation. This isn’t just another running club around Central Park, this one takes group running indoors on industry elite Woodway treadmills.

    We tried both classes offered: Dash 28 (45 minutes) and The Distance (60 minutes!). In each class, we were assigned a treadmill and the instructor took us through a quick warmup filled with jumping jacks and high knees to increase our mobility and stretch before our run.

    Dash 28 run is a 26 minute run where we were given suggested speeds for recovery, jogging, running and sprinting based on our running experience and goals. We had three interval runs with increasing speed and incline that lasted 4-6 minutes followed by a much needed recovery between each. During the run, our instructor helped tweak our running posture and breathing to get us through the hardest hills and sprints. After our run, we did 3 rounds of two minute strength training exercises with kettle bells where our wobbly legs attempted squats, pikes and to end, a master plank hold.

    The distance is an extended version of the dash with a full hour endurance run. The goal is to cover 5-6 miles in the hour and then go right into a much needed deep stretch.

    This non-competitive laid back running atmosphere with light music made it easy to believe you’re going on your morning run.   It brings the oldest form of exercise- running- to a boutique studio atmosphere, which can be a great intro for anyone new to studio classes.

    -BurnThis Ambassador Julie Zuckerman

  • Mile High Run Club
    28 East 4th Street
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 466-6472 www.milehighrunclub.com/

Mile High Run Club - NEW YORK CITY