• Modo isn’t your typical hot yoga studio: It’s actually a collective of international studios, all independently owned and all committed to ethical, compassionate and conscious living.
    • Modo offers six class types, but Modo flow is the core of their practice and what they are most known for.
    • All classes are hot yoga so come to class hydrated!
    • Studio is friendly, has a nice boutique up front and the added bonus of showers and towels to use.
    • Modo studios are international: The American studios have locations in NYC, California, Kentucky, Ohio and Minnesota.
    • Seven pillars guide Modo Yoga: Be healthy, be accessible, live green, sangha support, reach out, live to learn and be peace.
    • Co-founders Ted Grand and Jessica Robinson have studied under the most skilled yogis in the world and are also activists, organic farmers, musicians and students.
    • This is hot yoga, so bring water! The studio does not sell plastic water bottles because of their commitment to be zero-waste.
    • Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, but the less you have on, the better.
    • Your first month of yoga with Modo is $40.
    • Modo is ideal for beginners and yogis who have more experience as well. Classes include a series of both strengthening and toning postures.
    • Classes are usually packed, so arrive early to get settled.
  • The core of Modo’s practice is the Modo flow class – it’s not bikram yoga, but rather a Vinyasa flow in the detoxifying heat. Because it’s not bikram, the routine varies a bit, which is nice if you value the element of surprise in a new class. Three-quarters of the hour was spent on Vinyasa-style postures, including sun salutations.

    We spent the last quarter of the hour doing stretching on the mat – a nice break to catch our breath in the heat (they even turned on the fans at several points during the class!). Instructors don’t generally emphasize the mind-body connection, but instead focus on mindfulness of the body. There are no alignment adjustments made by the instructor throughout the class, although frequent wanderings around the room are common. If you don’t like to be messed with during yoga, this is the studio for you!

  • West Village
    434 6th Ave, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10011
    212.780.YOGA (9642)

Modo Yoga NYC