• Naam Yoga LA is a meditation, research, and healing center that offers a wide array of yoga classes and therapeutic programs.
    • Located one block from busy Third Street Promenade.
    • Gorgeous sun-lit studios, private healing rooms, and welcoming staff truly make it a small Santa Monica oasis.
    • Whether you’re looking for healing, meditative chanting, or kick-butt cardio, there’s something for everyone at Naam Yoga.
    • Naam Yoga was founded by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) as a catalyst for well-being, health and peace.
    • After than 30 years of experience, research, and teaching, he developed Naam yoga – a combination of the ancient and powerful sciences of yoga and Universal Kabbalah.
    • The first Naam Yoga center was established as a non-profit organization in New York City, and since then it has brought the gift of healing and light to several cities around the globe.
    • There are more than thirty different yoga, zumba, and pilates variations.
    • In addition to fitness classes they offer universal Kabbalah workshops, Harmonyum healing, acupuncture, massage therapy private yoga sessions, lectures and more.
    • Hoping to extend the gift of yoga to people of all economic capacities, many of their community classes are provided free of charge.
    • Their wonderful sense of community is accentuated by their cozy community lounge that offers high-top tables, comfy benches, free Wi-Fi, and delicious, freshly brewed yogi tea.
  • Walking in, we were warmly greeted and given a quick tour of the beautiful facilities: a renovated church with high ceilings, beautiful decor, and spacious, sunlit rooms. The “Power Hour” vinyassa yoga flow is designed to maximize your yoga experience in just one hour, and it was the perfect balance of sweat-inducing flow and relaxing mediation. Described as a “pre-party to your weekend adventures,” this abbreviated class was an excellent way to end the workweek feeling relaxed and refreshed. The instructor, Justin, radiated posititivity and passion for his practice as he engaged each member and addressed us by name. Whether he was walking among the class to offer correction and encouragement, or demonstrating on top of a beautiful raised alter centered in the room, his teaching style was perfect for first-time flowers and seasoned yogis alike.

  • Santa Monica
    1231 4th Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90401