• Orangetheory Fitness workouts are never the same but each day the coaches offer high-intensity interval training.
    • By utilizing heart-rate based equipment, clients track their progress on screens during the 60 minute workout.
    • They focus on improving the endurance, strength and power of each person – resulting in muscle gains and weight loss.
    • Orangetheory Fitness uses its heart rate interval training to push the body into maximum caloric burn.
    • Through the effect of EPOC or “excess post exercise oxygen consumption,” also known as the afterburn effect, Orangetheory Fitness clients continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after the workout.
    • Orangetheory Fitness was created by exercise physiologist, Ellen Latham, who wasn’t seeing the weight loss or muscle gains in her pilates and spinning clients.
    • She created Ellen’s Ultimate Workout – a regime that got her clients the results they had always wanted and now is known as Orangetheory Fitness.
    • Adam Krell, a serial entrepreneur, and Jessica Kumari, a former news reporter, are excited to bring Orangetheory Fitness to the Tri-State area.
    • Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone who hasn’t worked out in years, you will be coached accordingly and experience a challenging and efficient workout.
    • Be prepared to have FUN!
    • Arrive early to get set up with your heart monitor.
  • Orangetheory Fitness is nothing new for many fitness fans around the country, but NYC has been waiting for one of our very own and now we know why. This studio lives up to the hype- and sweat expectations. After arriving at the studio we were given a heart rate monitor to wear during the entire class. This is to track our performance and encourage us to stay in the “Orange” or EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) zone for continued afterburn effect of our workout. Large screens in the center of the room show each member of the class’s heart rate performance. The class was split into two groups- floor and cardio. On the floor, we powered through free weights, TRX and core circuits making it a full body workout. Our instructor would demonstrate the circuit and provide us with a screen showing animated workout characters doing the exercises and how many reps and rounds were suggested so we always knew what was coming next.  Through the circuit we snuck a peak at the main screen to check out our heart rate zone, which helped push us to keep moving and not take too many breaks. After three rounds it was time to switch with the cardio round that consisted of intense incline running and rowing for distance. 30 minutes of switching between treadmill and rower sprints bursts flew by, and at the end of class we were sweaty and ready to see our heart-rate zone breakdown. The class ended with a 5 minute stretch and recap of our performance. Our goal was to spend as much time in the Orange Zone and gain “slat points” for each minute we were there. With our results emailed to us, it also gave us a goal of how to prepare for our next visit to Orangetheory!

  • Chelsea/Flatiron
    124 W. 23rd Street
    New York, NY 10011

Orangetheory Fitness NYC