• Project Fit offers a unique fitness challenge through an innovative interval training workout.
    • They are conveniently located seconds from Bank Station on Cornhill.
    • On average, students burn 1000 calories per class!
    • Project Fit specializes in training individuals who are time poor and results driven. They will help you achieve your fitness goals in less time!
    • “Using our years of knowledge and expertise we have formulated the ultimate body transformation exercises, combined with treadmill intervals, to create the best workout experience you will ever have.”
    • Project Fit is founded on a deep passion for seeing people succeed.
    • New Student Special – Your first class is free!
    • All equipment for class will be provided.
    • Most classes are 1 hour in length, but they also offer 35 minute classes for those expedited workout sessions.
    • Hydrate at the juice bar after class!
    • There are fully-stocked locker rooms on site.
  • Deep below the streets of Cornhill is where you’ll find Project Fit, a brand new workout concept for the Square Mile’s work-hard, play hard crowd. The studio is split into two levels, with treadmills on the upper level and a floor space that is set up with stations equipped with weights and strength-training equipment. We introduced ourselves to Ben, one of Project-Fit’s co-founders, who got the class started with a warm-up on treadmills, just a gentle jog to begin with but within the space of ten minutes we were pushing ourselves to run at 18km per hour and faster. The words RUN, JOG and WALK painted on the walls of the studio are a reminder that Project Fit is open to all abilities, and as Ben called out the instructions on the speed and incline, he shouted out three different options catering for all levels.

    After fifteen minutes of interval training on the treadmill, it was time to hit the floor for strength-training exercises including chest-press with weights, press-ups on a Bosu and dynamic lunges. After fifteen minutes on the floor, we reached the half-way point in the class, which meant that it was time to jump back onto the treadmills and repeat it all over again… running harder, running faster… then lifting weights, squat-jumping and holding planks before cooling down and stretching out. We were left feeling like we had worked hard, much harder than if left to our own devices and thanks to the low lighting; nobody could see our red, sweaty faces!

    [BurnThis Ambassador, Alison Hope]

  • Project Fit
    36-38 Cornhill
    London, UK EC3V3NG
    +44 20 7929 7117 project-fit.co.uk/


Project Fit