• PulsePDX is Portland’s premier dance fitness experience offering Zumba, Pound, Melt, Cardio Funk, u-Jam, WillPower and Grace, Burn, Fusion, and MYMA.
    • They offer nine formats, and growing, to suit your groovin’ sweaty needs.
    • Many classes offer a “night-club” experience, complete with rockin light show and live DJ!
    • PulsePDX was founded in 2011 — combining Zumba with the lights and sounds of a nightclub.
    • In 2012 they began to expand their offerings, growing the list continuously.
    • Located on Sandy Blvd., conveniently close to I-84.
    • $10 for a drop-in.
    • Reserve your spot by purchasing “tickets” online at PulsePDX.net
    • There is a small parking lot on the side of the building but parking is primarily on the street.
    • There are men’s and women’s facilities with changing areas, but no lockers. There are cubbies in the studio for your use.
    • If you like to be in the front, we recommend getting there early! The front row, right in front of the stage, seems to be the hoppin’ spot here.
  • PulsePDX is very contemporary with a shared lobby from the upstairs photo studio. The studio space is very large with a nice floor and a stage as the centerpiece at one end of the room. On the stage sits a DJ booth, ready to blast tunes and control the night club light show!  We attended one of their signature Zumba Night Club Experience classes. We noticed immediately that the front row is a hot commodity.  We quickly saw why.  Who wouldn’t want to be up close and personal with the rock stars that took the stage? Three top-notch Zins gave an incredibly high-energy, well directed class. Engaging the class who were loudly expressing their excitement. The music varied from the standard Zumba latin, to hip-hop and everything in between. There was something for everyone to enjoy and the varied music kept things interesting.  With no mirrors and the darkened atmosphere, there was no feeling self-consciousness.  Everyone was focused on the stage, the lights, the killer tunes, and having fun.  After Zumba, we were invited to stay for Melt, a mellow class for self-care to help your body feel and function better. We spent a welcomed hour on the floor with special foam-rollers working out kinks and various body imbalances.

  • Hollywood District
    3602 NE Sandy Blvd
    Portland, OR 97232