• Pure Barre uses small isometric movements to change the shape of your body.
    • Classes focus on creating long, lean arm muscles, trimming the inner thighs, raising the glutes, and creating defined abs.
    • You will work every small muscle in the body, leading to improvement in under 10 classes.
    • Burns fat in record time – you will be sore like never before!
    • Pure Barre was founded by dancer, choreographer, and fitness guru Carrie Rezabek Dorr.
    • It became a franchise in 2009 and now you can find Pure Barre locations nationwide.
    • Your body will be transformed through the changing exercises – no classes are exactly alike!
    • Classes are an hour long, so put everything aside – it’s worth it!
    • Inform your instructor if you have any previous injuries – they’ll definitely be able to cater the exercises to your needs.
    • Bring plenty of water, wear yoga attire, and be prepared to SWEAT!
    • Aspen offers a class that “breaks down the barre” for newcomers.  Check it out if you are new to barre.
  • Ever see those women with perfectly toned arms, lifted seats, lean thighs, and wonder, what is their secret?  We have discovered it: Pure Barre. The fast paced music makes the room instantly captivating. We began class with dynamic stretches and a brief cardio session that transitioned into four muscle burning sequences. The class is divided in a way so that each muscle group is burning and shaking during a different period of time. This allowed us to fully devote our attention to specific muscle groups. Although the class was large, the individual attention was encouraging. The instructors diligently repositioned anyone who was slightly out of line to ensure their muscles were being worked correctly. Much of the class was about mind over body; our bodies were shaking and telling us we needed a break, but our minds allowed us to push ourselves to the limit. We left the class feeling amazing and already planning our return.  Talk about a way to get bikini ready!

  • Aspen
    620 Hyman Ave
    Aspen, CO 81611