• The famous Pure Barre Technique is a low impact total body workout that utilizes the ballet barre and other props to perform small isometric movements.
    • Get dedicated and this workout will lift your seat, and tone your thighs, arms, back, and core—what’s not to love?! Clients see results in just 10 classes!
    • Following each series is stretching to create long, lean muscles.
    • Classes are just 55 minutes long- perfect for a lunch hour workout.
    • The owner of Pure Barre and developer of the Pure Barre Technique, Carrie Rezabek Dorr, opened her first studio in Michigan in 2001.
    • Pure Barre became a franchise in 2009, and now has over 180 locations across the US!  Check out our LA, DC, and Aspen reviews!
    • In Greenwich, the owner, Ashley, has been doing the Pure Barre Technique since the age of 19.  Talk about dedication!
    • Single class is $28.
    • Wear socks (preferably ones with a grippy bottom) and yoga attire.
    • There are 3 all year specials: New Client, Baby Bounce Back, and Bride To Be.
    • Make sure to inform your instructor of injuries—there are a few modifications for exercises, but the instructor won’t offer them if you don’t inform them!
    • Think Starbucks for Barre, the Pure Barre technique is the same everywhere.
  • Familiar with barre classes, we figured we knew exactly what Pure Barre in Greenwich had to offer. But, every barre class is different and Pure Barre is no exception!  We took the 5:30 pm class on Monday night with the owner, Ashley. We walked into the studio with our props already set out for us (2lb and 3lb hand weights, an elastic band, and a medicine ball). We began the class with leg lifts as Ashley shouted inspirational phrases to supplement the upbeat and loud music in the background. We then went straight into the arm series with our choice of weight. A word from the wise: don’t get too confident with the amount of weight you choose—those 3lb weights seem to quadruple in heaviness VERY quickly!  After arms and pushups (with a few planks sprinkled here and there), we went straight to the barre for thigh work. Within 30 seconds, our legs were shaking and we were struggling to stay up on our tippy toes. Then we moved to the ground to do seat work, and then abs. true to form, the Pure Barre Technique call included proper stretching of each muscle between series and at the end of the class to assure we get our long and lean muscles. We left the studio with a real sweat and our legs still shaking! Talk about a burn!

  • Greenwich
    280 Railroad Ave
    Greenwich, CT 06830