• Unlike any spin class you’ve taken yet!  PureRyde’s uses RealRyder bikes that mimic an outdoor ride and let you lean and turn while engaging every muscle in your body.
    • Scared to branch out?  Don’t be – PureRyde’s classes are for all levels from beginners to hard-core cyclists.
    • The studio recommends arriving 15 minutes early and wearing cycling-specific exercise clothing to maximize your workout!
    • Towels are free, bottled water is for sale, and cycling shoes are available to rent or buy so pack/plan accordingly!
    • If you become a regular you can snag a chic cycling outfit in the studio’s apparel boutique.
    • Austin’s first exclusive Real Ryder Cycling Studio.
    • Passion to ride is what PureRyde is all about.   Energetic instructors teach each class to upbeat music, helping you push, turn, and burn your way to the finish line.
    • No sneakers needed!  They have cycling shoes available for rental and purchase.
    • You can burn up to 800 calories in these 50 minute classes!  Talk about using your time wisely!
    • Students ride at a discount so don’t forget your student ID!
    • You don’t have to try to remember when you hear a new song you love.  Just go to the Pure Tunes section of the site to download the pure tunes playlist of the month.
  • We loved getting our night-time sweat on at PureRyde! From the second we got there, PureRyde instructors made it all about the classmates!  We clipped our spin shoes into our bikes, draped our towels over the handlebars and got ready to sweat!   The spacious cycling studio was lit dimly with smoky lighting effects.  With the club-like atmosphere set, we began our warm up.  We rode to the beat of major “get-pumped-up” tunes as we sprinted, climbed hills, and swiveled right and left in our bikes.  Engaging in natural “bike-ride” movements helped to work our obliques and core muscles as we pushed through each turn. After our final heart-pumping hill set, we cooled down with less resistance and calmer music, ending with a thorough set of stretches.  One of our favorite parts about PureRyde is we didn’t get bored once!  The instructor, music, and nature of the bikes kept us constantly in motion.

  • Waterfront
    507 Pressler Street Suite 900
    Austin, TX 78703