• SoulCycle is a full-body spinning workout and cardio dance party.
    • Classes are 45 minutes long, including an arm sculpting series 30 minutes in and stretching at the end.
    • Clientele ranges in age from 16-60+, and depending on the location, could have an even male to female ratio.
    • SoulCycle’s unique high-energy cycling environment is a “cardio sanctuary” with low lights, candles, and a unique playlist each class created by the Soul instructor.
    • SoulCycle was founded by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice in 2006. Cutler and Rice both lived in NYC and were determined to find a cardio workout they were passionate about. Without any luck, they soon realized they would have to create it themselves!
    • Both women wanted to develop a workout that would be inspirational and high-energy to benefit the body and the mind.
    • SoulCycle is on both the East and West Coast. Each studio offers a range of classes, such as SoulCycle, SoulSurvivor, SoulTeen, SoulBands, SoulYoga, and Community Ride.
    • Single classes are $34 (not including shoes and water).
    • Arrive early to find a parking space, as parking is limited.
    • Give yourself 10 extra minutes before the class so you have time to set up your bike, warm up, and catch up with friends!
    • For your first class, renting cycling shoes is free. However, every class afterwards it’s $3.
    • Water bottles are available to purchase at the front desk.
    • If you are a new rider, make sure to tell the instructor! They are great at correcting form, teaching the choreography, and helping adjust seats.
    • Just don’t underestimate the 1-2 pounder arm series—it is killer!
  • Walking into SoulCycle Greenwich, we were impressed to say the least. The space is bright and full of energy, both from the employees and the clients. Once we walked into the studio, the ambiance shifted. The lights were low, the music was loud, and cyclists were already spinning. We hopped on our bikes. All around us were men and women of all ages—mothers and daughters, husbands and wives—were all preparing for their journey! The instructor, Nina, walked in, microphone on, shouting, “Are you ready 8:30? Are we ready to ride?!” Nina describes her classes as a dance party. She is all about bringing the confidence out of the shy person and making the class a journey that will not only transform you physically, but also emotionally. As the class progressed, we kept the resistance high. When we ‘jogged it out’, we were able to close our eyes and lose ourselves in the music. We can confirm the continued hype – the feeling when you leave is nothing short of euphoric.

  • Greenwich
    266 Mason Street
    Greenwich, CT 06830
    250 South Service Road
    Roslyn Heights, NY 11577