• Get ready to get your sweat on with Sweat on State’s  total body group fitness classes.
    • Classes are CrossFit-style that run 60 minutes including a warm up, learning movements and modifications, WOD (workout of the day), and a cool down.
    • Coaches lead you through the intense workouts while focusing on form, and personalizing the exercises to each client’s fitness level.
    • Modifications are offered so you get the most out of your workout, regardless of your level.
    • “Sweat” was created based on feedback from CrossFit members who wanted all the CrossFit benefits without the completing olympic caliber lifting.
    • It started as a offered alternative class to CrossFit and quickly gained popularity from both men and women who loved the focus on high reps, and low weight.
    • Today, Sweat offers workouts 11 workouts during weekdays and 3-4 on weekends that are constantly varied, while always working your entire body.
    • Single Class: $25 ($18 for first-timers).
    • Can’t make it to the studio?  Check out the WOD on their site to sweat it out wherever you are.
    • There is no class cap, but with a 4,500sq foot studio, you’ll never run out of room.
    • Classes run all day long from 6am-7pm.  Check out their schedule HERE.
  • Sweat on State is a hidden gem located between Old Town and Gold Coast on State and Division. When you walk in the front door, you are led downstairs to a large workout facility.  This underground playground consists of rowing machines, pull up bars, kettle bells, weights, all atop AstroTurf.  We began our hour workout with a warm-up.  We did 3 sets of sit-ups, push-ups, and squats.  Following the warm-up, our instructor explained the Workout Of the Day.  We had 4 minutes to do 100m row, 10 overhead presses with a weight of our choice, and 10 pull-ups.  We did this 5 times with a 2 minute break in between each set.  The instructor was very helpful and corrected form when necessary. Pull-ups are a tough exercise to do 50 times, so there were boxes to use to jump off of and rubber bands to use to assist.  The other ladies in this class were absolutely crushing pull-ups without the box, making it very motivating to work hard.  At the end of this WOD, we did 50 Russian kettle bell swings with the weight of our choice.  After this intense hour, we were sweaty to say the least!

  • Gold Coast
    1165 N State Street
    Chicago, IL 60611

Sweat on State