• Taylor Fit offers barre workouts that are “tailored” to work your entire body with high-energy, one-hour classes.
    • These workouts include core, cardio, resistance and endurance.
    • Classes are smaller and more personalized.
    • In addition to toning your bod, Taylor Fit’s exercises specifically target your metabolic rate to keep it working long after you leave the studio.
    • Taylor offers private one on one training for those who want to put extra focus on kickstarting their fitness and wellness routine.
    • Owner and student-favorite Taylor Jenkins has been teaching Spinning, Circuit Training, and Barre for many years.
    • Taylor’s passion for fitness and love for her students motivated her to create “one kickass workout that is exhilarating, fun, safe, stimulating and rewarding.”
    • Her cult-like following claims “Taking one of Taylor’s classes is like taking 2 barre classes.”
    • Single class $20.
    • New to Taylor Fit?  Plan to arrive 15 minutes early.
    • No gum or cellphones inside the studio.
    • Recommended attire: socks (preferably gripped bottom), pants below the knee and a full length top.
    • Two-hour metered parking is available around the neighborhood.
    • Got tied up at work?  If you’re more than 10 minutes late to class you won’t be allowed in.
  • The studio is right off the beaten path in the Marina District with easier access to parking and fabulous lunch spots after class. We took a mid-day session with Taylor Jenkins, the owner.  Taylor is energetic, motivating, and inspiring.  She instantly made us feel welcome, and introduced us to each client that came in. The studio is beautiful with hardwood floors and bright sunshine coming in from the windows. This TaylorFit class is one serious workout! The 60-minute burn-session combines cardio, yoga, Pilates, circuits, and barre.  The class had more cardio than typical barre workouts, which Taylor explained will spike our heart rates and metabolism for the entire day.  Even though we were in a group class, Taylor’s individualized attention allowed us to work our body like a private lesson would.  Taylor emphasizes form and isn’t afraid to move your body so that you will feel every inch of this dynamic workout.  And, what we loved the most was that it was fun!  Now we know why Bay Area locals travel from across the city, and leave their old gyms for Taylor Fit.

  • Marina
    2159 Filbert St
    San Francisco, CA 94123

Taylor Fit Studio