• A targeted, body-scultping barre workout.
    • The Bar Method offers classes for all levels of experience!
    • Results will help to firm and elongate muscles and reduce body fat.
    • Bun in the Oven? The studio is well-known for offering a number of pre-natal classes.
    • Drop-in classes are $23.
    • Classes are 1 hour in length.
    • The Bar Method has 76 locations across 21 states in the U.S. and Canada, so you can always rely on them even when traveling!
    • “The most targeted body-sculpting workout.”
    • The Bar Method is based on a technique developed by Lotte Berk, A German dancer from the 1930s.
    • Be sure to ask about their new client special to receive a temporary membership that entitles you to unlimited classes.
    • Classes fill up quickly, so be sure to book ahead of time!
    • Be sure to wear socks and pants that cover your knees.
  • It was early on a Saturday morning that we found ourselves in the beautiful studio at the Bar Method, among a group that seemed familiar with one another and easy going. The studio, located in the Waterfront District Downtown, is a carpeted space with wall-to-wall mirrors.  After a quick warm-up of basic stretches,  we then moved to mat and floor work involving abdominals and obliques as well as inner thighs.

    Squats at the barre really worked our calves and thighs as we pulsed and held our form. Strong, straight posture was our goal for every new move and our instructor motivationally pushed us to go after those extra 10 seconds at the end of holding a pose. By the end of the class our muscles were shaky and exhausted but after a cool down and stretching to end the session our bodies felt fit and tight.  We already felt one step closer to that Bar Method dream body!

  • Waterfront
    1611 West 5th Street #125
    Austin, TX 78703

The Bar Method