• The Bar Method combines dance conditioning and physical therapy techniques with the intense pace of interval training to give you a full body workout.
    • Looking to reduce body fat, improve posture, and creating long, lean muscles? This is the place for you.
    • All classes are 1 hour long.
    • All levels are welcomed, there is a class for everyone.
    • Blushing Bride or have a Bun in the Oven?  The studio has a vibrant, dedicated community that celebrates members’ life milestones, such as marriages and births.
    • The Bar Method was founded by Burr Leonard in 2001.
    • The flagship Bar Method studio is in San Francisco.
    • Today there are 76 locations in 21 states and most major cities; including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, Portland, Austin, and Vancouver.
    • Check out our Austin, Chicago, and Miami reviews!
    • Single class: $26, and worth every penny given the decor and quality of class.
    • Check the schedule, some classes provide childcare.
    • Special pricing available for new clients, students, and new moms.
    • Centrally located on the corner of Dartmouth and Comm Ave, a close walk to the green line with parking  available in lots on Newbury Street, or down the street, closer to Copley Plaza.
  • The Bar Method’s beautiful and light studio exuded cleanliness and sophistication.  From the walls and the carpeting to the light fixtures, every details of the studio helped to create an ambiance of “comfortable elegance”.   We took the Level 2 class that was more fast paced than a “mixed level” but definitely doable for frequent barre-class clients.   New to barre?  Don’t let the ballet-style setup of the room fool you – the class isn’t really anything like ballet, other than the focus on strength and graceful movements.  The workout focused on exhausting the small, core muscles with little rest in between reps.  Our instructor focused on alignment, and kept us in the know by counting and making us aware of how many more sets we had left.  She was articulate, positive, and called students by name to praise for a job well done.  This “no pain, no gain” workout had us shaking, and sweating throughout the entire hour.

  • Back Bay
    234 Clarendon St
    Boston, MA 02116

The Bar Method