• The Bar Method integrates the fat burning interval training, muscle shaping technique isometrics, and elongating dance conditioning, in one total body workout.
    • Each class follows the same progressions through muscle groups, with exercises and modifications changing daily based on a pre-selected theme.
    • The Bar Method is based on the technique of Lotte Berk, a German dancer who fled the Nazi’s in the late 1930’s.
    • The technique was then brought to America by Lydia Bach, who in 1971 opened The Lotte Berk Method exercise studio in Manhattan.
    • Ten years later, Burr Leonard bought a license to operate Lotte Berk Method studios and in 2001, founded The Bar Method.
    • The Bar Method now has 76 locations across 21 states including Austin, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami.
    • Single Class: $24.
    • Locker rooms include a place for shoes and jackets, though you can also utilize the lockers which have keys so you don’t have to bring your own locks.
    • The Bar Method studios ask that you wear fitted pants that go over your knees, and a top that covers your midriff.
    • Socks must be worn in the exercise studios at all times– grippy socks are recommended.
    • The studio has a small retail selection of essentials, should you forget anything.
    • Parking is on the street, though there is a paid lot at the end of the block.
  • The first thing we noticed about the beautiful space off Hoyt Street was the gratuitously padded, carpeted floor. Mirrors lined two walls and ballet-style barres lined three, with various pads, weights and straps lining the fourth. The students chose spaces on the floor and naturally staggered to have view of both mirror in order to check alignment throughout class.  Class began with simple arm and shoulder toning exercises utilizing light weights. Then we continued the flow into leg/hip flexor lifts, pushups and more work with weights for toning our triceps. Our instructor made sure our muscles were fatigued before coming to the barre for leg work.  After toasting our legs we moved to the floor once again directly under the bar for some very challenging lower ab exercises. Next we moved our padded mats to the center for a longer series of pilates-style ab curls, and more pushups. With our entire body sculpted, we were handed straps for a stretch flow.  All the movements were small and isolated, being based off of isometric principals. We really felt the burn in very specific areas, and our glutes were still sore days later.

  • Pearl District
    904 NW Hoyt Street
    Portland, OR 97209

The Bar Method Portland