• TS Fitness is a private studio specializing in private and semi-private fitness training sessions.
    • Semi-private sessions consists of a 4 client maximum.
    • After an initial assessment (a full movement screening using a Functional Movement Screening Kit), the studio will design a new, customized fitness program for you, including a nutrition plan.
    • The studio employs coaching functional movement patterns that its clients can apply to their everyday lives from carrying groceries, to walking up the stairs in the subway.
    • During this assessment, trainers closely observe how the individual moves – looking for asymmetries, weaknesses and strengths, used as a starting point to develop a personalized program for them to meet their goals while minimizing risk of injury.
    • TS Fitness NYC was established in 2011 by Noam Tamir, a certified strength and conditioning specialist who has been coaching clients in the area for over 10 years.
    • The kit used for the pre-training assessment  was developed by a team of physical therapists and is used in many professional sports leagues.
    • The kit allows the studio to run through some basic movement patterns like squatting and lunging, while also testing mobility.
    • The studio specializes in semi-private training because it’s been proven that working out with others is much more motivating than working out alone.
    • First sessions are free, so there is no excuse not to check it out!
    • Intro packs start at $149; single HIIT sessions are $22; 12-month programs are also available.
    • Everything you need for training will be provided.
    • All potential clients will get a prescreening phone call to discuss commitment, pricing, and to make sure clients are a good fit.
    • All clients are paired with a nutritionist to help keep track of proper nutrition, food choices and calorie intakeProgram options are 3 or 6 months.The first session is a 30-minute fitness interview and nutrition intake, as well as a 15-minute body assessment.
    • Only private or semi-private training sessions are available
    • On Friday’s client progress is highlighted on their social media platforms
    • Clients can come to any of the semi-private times and classes and will follow their own program.
  • Tucked away near the Queensboro Bridge, TS Fitness goes beyond a workout and is a one-stop shop for your personal training and wellness needs. Our first moments in the studio felt like an episode of Cheers! All of the trainers knew clients and their fitness goals. We started with a 30-minute fitness assessment interview where we learned the TS Fitness philosophy involves three main components: fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Trainer and owner, Noam, analyzed our workout routine, typical eating habits and our true commitment to the goals we were asked to create prior to coming. Noam even asked about our support system and lifestyle- friends, family, coworkers, travel schedule- to get to know us better. We were paired with our own nutritionist, taught to keep a food log, and had our vitals taken.

    Then, the workout started with the Functional Movement Screen looking at our balance, joint mobility, flexibility, and to identify limitations and asymmetries in our bodies. We then corrected form and learned about proper diaphragm breaking to help break though some of these limitations and tension. The mantra on the wall, “Keep it Simple” matched the workout style perfectly. We did lunges, squats, kettle bell holds, TRX rows and leg lifts, making sure our form was perfect and breathing was coordinated. We ended with 20-second interval strength circuits and we even learned the proper way to foam roll our tightest muscles. After the workout, we received an email recap, including videos on some of the work we need to do at home and form we should work on. It’s clear that TS Fitness goes beyond personal training and is a comforting environment for beginners and fitness fanatics looking for personal training in a cozy neighborhood environment.

  • Midtown East
    353 E 58th Street
    New York, NY 10022
    (212) 755-3481

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