• The goal of The Works is to address every client’s need to get into the best shape they’ve ever been in!
    • The studio offers one-on-one and group training, and a class series.
    • The 2,500 sq. ft. studio is set up like a small boutique gym, filled with cutting edge equipment. 
    • The studio caters to many different types of fitness enthusiast, from post-pregnancy new mom to elite athlete training for a competition.
    • The Works was founded by two amazing women with a passion for fitness: IFBB Figure Pro, NASM Certified Personal Trainer,  Jennifer Searles, and former Fashion Executiv, Nina Koulogeorge.
    • Nina followed her passion for fitness and reinventing her career by competing and co-owning The Works.
    • Physical therapy and lifestyle coaching are also available. 
    • Studio offers showers and other amenities, including a re-fuel station with fruit and fruit-infused water. 
    • Towels provided.
  • Women looking for a one stop shop for sculpting, nutrition advice, a personal fitness coach and comradery should head to The Works studio. This studio’s mantra is “Muscles are the New Sexy” (also the name of one of their most popular strength training classes) and it is aptly used as The Works’ speciality is to churn out sexy, sculpted, and flaunt-worthy bodies.

    After a quick tour, we learned about the programs members can join such as New Body 2.0 where they are matched with a coach for weekly check-ins (including measurements and weigh-ins), diet plans, workout schedules and meeting like-minded fitness junkies. At the end of each class, our muscles were screaming but we were all smiles.

    -BurnThis Ambassador Julie Zuckerman

  • Chelsea/Flatiron
    143 W. 19th Street
    New York, Ny 10011

The Works, Chelsea/Flatiron NYC