6 Simple Office-Friendly Fitness Hacks

Lack of time. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, not enough hours in the day is the primary reason why most individuals do not get their weekly recommended 150 minutes of physical activity. What is it about those days where you are simply searching for a mere fifteen minutes just to move your body, and you feasibly cannot carve out that time in your jam-packed schedule? Well, here are six simple office-friendly fitness hacks for you to raise your heart rate and stay fit while at work!



The new scanner in my office takes exactly 60 seconds to scan and send a document before a shrill alarm alerts me to “remove the original document from the glass.” Prepare your document, press scan, and get into plank position. In formal dress attire? Leave an old pair of sneakers in your office. No need to be embarrassed about doing a side plank in your office; some of your co-workers may even join you!


Bring a lacrosse ball to your office to massage knots and sore muscles. Sitting on a lacrosse ball while sending emails or while in a meeting can help you relax your gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and quads. And lacrosse balls are quite discrete; it’s not like you’re bringing your foam roller to work!


Prepare low glycemic, high-protein snacks in order to set you up for success for your evening workout or to aid in recovery after your morning workout. Try to find 15 minutes to close your door, power down your monitor, and turn off cell phone alerts. Even if your whole meal can’t be mindful, make your first two and last two bites all about the amazing food you are feeding your body.


Invest in resistance bands for strengthening your inner thighs while sitting at your desk. Step into your resistance band with both feet and bring it up past your knees so the band is wrapped around your outer thighs. Press out on the band for 3 sets of 15 reps. You’ll feel the burn in your outer and inner thighs, your spine will elongate, your shoulders will relax, and your core will tighten providing you with a quick and dirty full-body workout.


Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to “get up.” Make a habit of sending 10 emails and then getting up to go for a walk around the office. Or cross off five items on your to-do list before getting out of from your chair.


Display your fitness goals on post-it notes alongside your professional to-do lists as a constant reminder to stay fit and focused. Discuss your goals with your co-workers and maybe find an accountability buddy at work!

6 Simple Office-Friendly Wellness Hacks

By Ashley Nickelsen, BurnThis Ambassador