This article, written by Becky Hannah, Creator of Urban Lotus Yoga, is about exercising your mind and therefore featured in our “Workouts” section.  Becky is a Yoga, Flexibility and Acro Facilitator, Motivational Coach and Writer.  She is also the creator of Urban Lotus Yoga and the Urban Yogi community which aims to help people find their own power and unleash their own peaceful warrior through promoting positive body image, inner and outer confidence, strength,  flexibility, positivity and the freedom the play.

What is success?

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in setting goals and the creation of our dreams that we stop being present and loose purpose in our everyday world, tasks and routines.

Living in the future and feeding our anxieties with self-inflicted inadequacies and desire for change and growth we fail to see the opportunities that surround us.

Presented with an evening off the other week, I came face to face with how uncomfortable I can be with stillness.  My desire to constantly be striving, planning, achieving and submerging myself in action highlighted a need for me to stop and consider my own attitude towards success and its meaning.

Can we become in danger of achieving everything yet learning nothing?

What good is success if we are not able to find the time to reflect and see it?

Putting this question out into the universe I was greeted with the following inspiration from “A course in Miracles” which has become somewhat of a bible to me of late.

“Nothing is ever lost but time… Why should you waste it going no-where when it can be used to reach a goal as high as learning can achieve… Nothing you undertake with certain purpose and high resolve and happy confidence is difficult to do.  But it is hard to wander off alone and miserable down a road that leads to nothing and that has no purpose.”

This emphasized to me the importance of purpose and how it can often be misinterpreted.

One of the most common stories I hear from my students:

“What is my purpose? I’m stuck in my job…I want more than this…This isn’t what I wanted from life…When am I going to get stronger…more flexible? When is something good going to happen to me?

If we approach every situation with the need to have more, to be better, stronger, more successful how can we appreciate how far we’ve already come?

If we dismiss the job, situation and the people that create our present how can we possibly apply ourselves, witness our growth and be of service both to ourselves and others?

This challenged me to change my perspective…

Rather than dismissing the environment around me what If I saw each day, task and person around me as an opportunity to share my light?

Rather than asking what it is that I want from the world what If I asked what it is that I can do for the world?

Putting this into practice this week in my lessons I set myself the challenge of asking myself and my students:

What is it you want learn?

How can make the most of our time together?

In what way can I be of the most help?

Putting this into practice has helped me stay present in my lessons, feel a greater sense of accomplishment and connection with my students and reflect upon what both they and I are learning.

Drawing from this experience If you’re reading this article I challenge you to practice the following just for one day.

1: Rather than dreaming your life away thinking of tomorrow focus on what it is you can achieve just by being present.  What can you learn from allowing yourself to be in each moment?

2: Whether or not you feel trapped by your job or situation look at what you can do within your environment to really shine your light and be a source of inspiration, learning and comfort to others.

3:  Set yourself a purpose.  A purpose doesn’t have to be title, job description, to do list or schedule.  Simply look at how you can most be of service to others.  Sometimes a smile, conversation or just the willingness to give your time and listen can be enough to transform someone’s day.

I think one of the most common drives that connect us all is the human need to be of purpose.  To have a use, to feel needed and to be part of something much greater than ourselves.

Without a sense of purpose even our dreams become empty vessels on sea of discomfort rather than a source of power and inspiration.

Rather than striving for a need to desire, achieve and be more than the world you are presently in I challenge you to stop and take count of the situation, people and environment around you.

Want less.

Feel more.

Try altering your perspective.

Advice From A Fitness Instructor & Motivation Coach: Change Your Perspective