As fitness studios grow in popularity it is clear that hitting a studio is not just for the ladies. From spin to TRX there is a class for every guy to try. So men, grab a buddy or your favorite girl and come sweat socially at any one of these “guy friendly” studios.


The Mercury Method

Turn up the heat on your typical workout. Signature Mercury Method is a can’t miss sweat-filled 60 minutes performed in a heated room to provide a little more oomph to your workout. The Mercury Method has cross-training, yoga, Pilates, and barre classes and all are categorized on the site by what the class will give to you (build muscle power, emphasizes core, back, hips and shoulders or build stamina).


Los Angeles

Sweat Garage

Sweat Garage is a high intensity workout in a fun, positive, motivating class. They will kick your butt and make you feel great. Are you are into the element of surprise (or at least changing it up)? Every week offers 7 totally different workouts that engage the whole body. The workouts also differ week to week to keep your body guessing and your own curiosity peaked.

New York


If the name isn’t intense enough wait till you learn more about this hot spot. Brick is a total body workout that uses CrossFit methods to take your personal fitness to a new level. Relying on your own body weight and strength, students from any age and fitness level flock to Brick to get their sweat on. The studio also offers a variety of classes and programs including yoga, cardio kickboxing, and bootcamp classes to keep members coming back each and every day.


Tetra Fitness

With a wide range of unique and fun classes that mix cycling, weights, running, yoga, and boot camps, you are sure to have a good time at Tetra. Don’t be fooled by the size, the studio might be small but good music, upbeat instructors, and clean streamlined interiors give the space a sleek and sexy feel. Perfect for a date night, or just to sweat it out (in style) with your buddies!

San Francisco 


BodyFi’s dedicated approach to personal training, Pilates, and TRX will get you the results you want in the least amount of time. Not into crowds? Not a problem! Group Pilates classes are limited to 6-8 people and TRX classes are capped at 14 for an experience dedicated to keeping it personal. With different bootcamp options to help you achieve your goals, there is no reason you can’t get your dream body at BodyFi.

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