Not all habits are created equal. Most associate the word “habit” with the unhealthy things in our lives, but the truth is, good habits are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are sharing 3 habits to start today, that will make your life better.


You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces each day. Changes are you are not. Start your day by filling and keeping your daily water intake goal on hand. Setting a water goal for yourself is not only a great way to flush out toxins, but also a great way to stop snacking. Most of the time we misunderstand dehydration for food cravings!

Get More Sleep

Sleep is vital for a number of reasons. A good nights sleep does not just keep immune function, metabolism, memory and learning on track, but also aids in helping brain function, emotional wellbeing and our physical health. A “good nights sleep”, for an adult, is considered to be anywhere from 7-9 hours a night. Click HERE to discover how to get your body rested.

No Restrictions

Food restrictions lead to the inevitable over indulging. Instead, eat everything in moderation! The next time you get a craving for cake, have it, only cut it in half, or even a quarter. Take your time, taste and enjoy what you are eating. Chances are indulging responsibly will keep you on track, empowered and balanced!

Healthy Habits To Pick Up, Today