Heat Up Your Relationship By Getting Active…Together!

By | July 11th, 2013

Summer is all about bon fires, BBQ’s and boozy beach bocce, but as plans and group activities build it can be hard to squeeze in alone time with your significant other. With a little help from us you’ll be able to keep your relationship as hot as the temperature. Exercising with your partner is a great way to connect, and has even been proven to keep things interesting in the bedroom. With mother- nature at her peak, choose one of these activities to help you rekindle the fire.

Paddle: An hour SUP session can have you burning up to 800-1000 calories. Grab your favorite local bite, a blanket, and paddle boards, to finish off your burn with a peaceful dinner for two beachside as the sun set’s.

Make Your Own Path: Get out and discover new ground. Being on a mission together is not only active, but super exciting. Who knows where you’ll end up! If you are in LA check out these great trails. Hitting the east end this weekend? Camp Hero’s hidden paths will have you over looking the bluff in Montauk.

Sunrise Beach Run: Sounds ambitious, and it is, but we promise the morning beach air and sunrise will connect you two like never before. Not in the mood to run? Make a warm cup of coffee and walk. The benefits of bringing your workout to the beach are endless, but sharing a stolen moment like this is equally as good for your soul.

Adrenaline Junkie: Fear is a great way to bring couples together (think scary movie or haunted house). Adding some excitement to your fitness routine is a hilarious, and great way to connect! Try booking a trapeze class, rock climbing or planning a sky diving trip. Taking a risk, together, is sure to spice things up.

Boot Camp: Boot Camps can be intimidating, especially when you do them alone. With so many fabulous pop-up boot camps being offered during the season, grab your summer love and sweat together. The challenge is made more rewarding with he/she by your side. You’ll be sure to leave with more respect for one another, a positive attitude, and healthy outlook on the day.

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